Laucala Bay Monument


 Shane Bower from Savusavu, has created with the wings of a giant seabird (albatross) mounted above the representative fuselage - the lower half of which is one of our Sunderland wing floats. 
It is constructed in aluminium sheets and panels.  The four plaques around the plinth memorialise samples of the era, the aircraft, the personnel and the operations.
The surrounding landscaping will of course mature into something more complete and attractive (I expect).
The architect was Setoki Tuiteci, the engineer was Nathan Kirk and the monument was constructed by Fletcher Construction (Fiji) - at no charge. The USP Board assumed ownership of the project and the Project Manager was Peter Stewart of the USP.
The unveiling ceremony eventuated into one of the leading occasions on the year-long calendar of 50th anniversary events of the University.  It was also highly constructive in the matter of New Zealand-Fiji relations at important personal levels.