5 Squadron RNZAF Association

Number 5 Squadron R.N.Z.A.F. Lauthala Bay Fiji 10 Feb 1960

Back L to R. F/L Bob Elliott A.T.C. F/L Ken Thorn N. F/O Garth Owen P (Operatios Officer) . Sgt Neil Wright S. Sgt Tom Magill S. Sgt Huck Hayden E. Sgt Jim More E. Sgt Butch Quinn E. Sgt Len Fretwell S. Sgt Ross Gourlay S. Sgt John Pryor S. Sgt Bill Cowan S. F/S Noel Crump S. Sgt Alan Barrett S. Sgt Jack Mclean E. F/S Bill Penn S. Sgt Pete Culpan S. Sgt Norm Claude S. Sgt Jim Mcherron S. Sgt Randy Stone S.

Middle L to R. 2 WAAF’S. F/O Dave Knott P. F/O Noel Rodger P. F/O Bruce Tunley N. F/O D.Burfitt P.Sgt Frank Burrows E. M/Eng Eddy Brown E. Sgt Robinson E. Sgt John Lawton S. Sgt Merv Hall S.Sgt Ray White S. Sgt Vic Elliott S. Sgt Junior Senior S. F/O John Ford P. Sgt Mo Southam S. Sgt Ralph Williams E .M/Sig Paddy Phillips S. Sgt Gary Wrathall S. F/O John Rawlinson P. F/L Hubbly Harrison P. F/O John Colebourne N. F/O Mike Mathieson P. F/S Jack Wearn E. Sgt Maurice Mitton E.

Front Row L to R. F/O Roger Binney N. F/O Don Pawson P. F/O Morrie Robinson N. F/O Jack Griffith P. F/O Dave Swears N. F/O Kevin Kennedy N. F/L Ivor Mackay P. F/L Graeme Potts P. P/O Graeme Millward P. S/L Ted Tompkins P. W/C Bob Scott P.( C.O. 5 sqn) . S/L Jack Wilson P. F/L Don Moss N. F/O Jack Lucas S. F/L Roger Stretton P. F/O Hugh Bromley E. F/L Hap Ness P. P/O Pat Richmond N. F/O Barry Irvine P. F/L John Laing P. F/O Graeme Gemmel N. F/O Les Allen P.

In Front. F/O Gary Hilder N. P/O John Pendreigh P. P/O Barry Brook N.

RNZAF Museum Neg LB G4495 – 60  

( LETTER AFTER NAME INDICATES P – Pilot. N- Navigator. S – Signaller. E – Flight Engineer )


Reprints of the above photo can be ordered from the Air Force Museum

Quote  5 sqn group photo negative Lb G4495~60 

The Museum holds a large number of original negatives. 




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