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Catalina Crew, Fiji, 1945

Emund Hillary centre, back row.

It was an exciting moment when our Sunderland flying boat took off from Auckland Harbour bound for Fiji. This was my first trip out of New Zealand. My first sight of Fiji fulfilled all my wildest dreams. The dark green of the jungle-covered hills, the white surf rolling across the jagged reefs, and the whiter sand beyond - all seemed straight out of an adventure story. We were formed into crews and kept very busy doing our conversion course onto Catalina flying boats but most weekends I managed to arrange some interesting activity.

Sir Edmund Hillary


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 Page 1    40 Years P3 operation Celebration 1966 - 2006
Page 2  Fincastle 2005

Page 3    International night (Fincastle 2005)

Page 4  A selection of images kindky supplied by Roger Binney
Page 5  Tour some of the  photos  adorning the walls of the Sunderland Lounge 
Page 6  Images kindly supplied by Bill Cowan
Page 7  Historic stuff - Lauthala Bay, Cats & Sunderlands
Page 8  Marine craft
Page 9   5 Squadron photo & Names Lauthala Bay 1960  

Page 10  5 Sqn 75th Anniversary

 Page 11 Mar 2018. Photos of the RNZAF flying boat commemeration ceremony at Laucala Bay  

  Laucala Bay Fiji Circa 1960 

  Barry Brooks Slide Collection



Photo slides from Barry Brook collection