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5 Squadron RNZAF Association


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Orion sent to Fiji May 2021

Third deployment against North Korea successful Dec2020

Search for missing catamaran Jun 2020

Whenuapai Airport Future Oct 2019

Yacht sinks north of Cape Brett Oct 2019

Whenuapai Airport  

RNZAF Orion crew mail drop  Raoul

Plan to procure Poseidon patrol aircraft

Missing fishermen found 20 Mar 2018

Defence Force finds seven people in search for missing ferry

Fifty missing on ferry near Kiribati Atoll for over a week

New Zealand Air Force Orion in search for three people missing off Kiribati

New Zealand Air Force helps find 400kg of heroin hidden on ships

Airforce P3 Orion has found the man believed to be a missing fisherman. 

Solo yachtsman found in stormy seas of Chatham Islands

Defence Force assists six men on stricken vessel

New Zealand Defence Force help search for fishermen missing off Kiribati

Missing fishermen off Kiribati found alive after more than a week at sea

Sunderland Veterans Rolling Back The years

Look inside A Short Sunderland Flying Boat

Emergency services called to Whenuapai Airbase 21 Sept 2016

Exciting Adventure at World's Biggest Maritime Exercise 8 August 2016

From Waipukurau to Hawaii 2 August 2016

Piracy-tackling role rewarded 25 July 2016

Trainee Crew Get Valuable Experience  01 June 2016

Hurricane relief To Fiji 21 Feb 2016

US snaps up kiwi military technology  10 June 2015

Return to celestial navigation amid fears of computer hack 18 Oct 2015  

Orions Successful in Pacific Search and Rescue Missions

Orion arrives home from Middle East Deployment 18 Feb 2015

Air Force flies first Fijian patrol 31 Jan 2015

Te Atatu man back after hunting pirates 20 Nov 2014

NZ air crew help seize tonnes of hashish off Somalian coast 6 Oct 2014

NZ search leader vows Kiwis will spot missing plane if it's floating out there and in our area  22 Mar 2014

Upgraded orion in search for missing plane 21 Mar 2014

Missing plane 11 Mar 2014

Chinese warships have sent dark new clouds scudding over Australia's strategic horizon 15 Feb 2014

US resume bilateral military ties after nearly 30 years  29 Oct 2013

High tech planes fight crime 17 Jan 2013

Eight fishermen missing off coast of Samoa  16 Dec 2012

Rescue Orion lands in Antartica 14, 20 Sept 2010

RNZAF rescues men off Niue after capsize 2Aug 2010

Pressure on planes 6 Jul 2010

Missing yacht Tafadzwa seen drifting near Chathams 28 Mar 2010

RNZAF Orions' flying hours among world's highest 16 Jan 2010

Damaged rudder ends solo sail attempt Nov 24, 2009

RNZAF crew find missing fishermen  12 Aug 2009

A RNZAF Orion has been dispatched to the area where the ferry sank.  Fears no women or children survived ferry sinking  06 Aug 2009

Orion joins search for missing vessel 10 Aug, 2009

New Zealand plays major role in Tongan ferry rescue Aug 7 2009

RNZAF on Kiribati search mission 17Jul 2009

RNZAF plane hit by lightning Jun 12, 2009

Air Force Orion returns to assist distressed yacht  Apr 21, 2009

Orion leads hunt for kids Tuesday 30 December 2008

Illegal trawler spotted in Southern Ocean 19 December 2008

Search on for missing fishermen   20 Nov 2008

RNZAF called to Antarctica to help US Air Force   30 October 2008

NZ Air Force on a fisheries mission to Samoa 12 March, 2008

Air Force signs software contract for Orions  04 March  2008

Scott Base mourns Sir Edmund Hillary    11 January 2008

Missing sailing ship found  06 December  2007

NZ Orion finds missing Tongan fisherman  04 December  2007

NZ crew finds fishing boat adrift near Tonga 25 October 2007

Crash training for bargain price    October 04, 2007

Air NZ unit secures defence aerospace contract   August 27, 2007

Orion spots fishing boat in trouble       01 August 2007

Air force helps rescue sailors in Pacific 21 May  2007

Fishermen rescued after abandoning vessel   07 March2007

Wreckage of missing yacht found  26 February 2007

NZ Government tapes whale slaughter    27 January 2007

Cook Islands grateful for help on illegal fishing  07 December 2006

NZ couple rescued after yacht hits rocks off Tonga  18 July 2006

NZ Orion crew saves four from shark-infested seas 10 June 2006

Distress beacon found on moored fishing boat    26 May 2006

Change of heart on NZ-US military ties  28 April 2006

RNZAF on standby after hoax mayday  24 March 2006 

Orion stripped for Upgrade  21 March 2006

P3 Systems Upgrade Airforce News March 2006

RNZAF Orion Lands in Antartica  17 January 2006, 

Bodies found drifting in liferaft 20 December 2005

Yacht couple saved 12 October 2005

Daybreak bid to rescue yacht crew  10 October 2005

US allows NZ to join military exercise   17 August 2005

Air search to continue for missing yachties   16 July 2005

Search begins for missing trimaran   15 July 2005

Lost yacht found 1700km off course 27.June 2005

24-hour sea vigil proves a lifesaver 18 June 2005

Yachtie stitched up injured husband in sea drama 16 June 2005

$352m upgrade stretches Orion ground staff 16 June2005

Skippers pull off high-sea rescues 15 June 2005

Crew of two yachts rescued 14 June 2005

Beacon saves lone yachtsman on atoll 07 June 2005

Air Force Orion finds distressed fishing boat 19 May 2005

Battered boats found by Orion 25 April 2005

Air Force Orion locates missing fishing boat 01 March 2005

RNZAF locates missing Samoan fishing boat 17 February 2005

Orion finds Fiji castaways 14 December 2004

Textbook rescue off cape 28 October 2004

Overdue fishing boat located 22 September 2004

Air Force swoops on pirate fishing boat 27 August 2004

Fisherman's body found tied to locator beacon 17 August 2004

Orion surveys Vanuatu after Cyclone Ivy 28 February 2004

Last Orion returning from Middle East terrorist patrol 23 February 2004

NZ Air Force patrol saves starving fishermen 29 January 2004

Ageing Orions just keep flying 27 January 2004

Orion patrol fingers possible al Qaeda drug boats 22 December 2003

NZ Air Force crew get hero status in Samoa 09 December 2003

Air Force crew find youths lost at sea 06 October 2003

Swallowed by the sea 16 August 2003

Air Force Orion spots lucky 13 after three weeks at sea 01 August 2003

RNZAF Orion spots boat adrift off remote Tongan island 27 July 2003

Orion crew cool down after Gulf mission 23 July 2003

Orion finds boat after beacon activated 28 June 2003

Air Force finds missing fishermen 16 May 2003

Defence minister farewells Orion crew 11 May 2003

Southern Ocean surveillance flights begin 17 January 2003

To the moon and back X 100  Dec 2002 (RSA REVIEW news article)

Breakdowns plague NZ's ageing Orions 04 December 2002

Orion finds drifting fishing boat 28 May 2002

Air Force Orion finds missing boat off Samoa 26 April 2002

Orion finds Fijian after six days adrift 14 February 2002

Airforce Orion arrives to assess damage in Tonga 02 January 2002

Air Force Orion makes mercy flight to Niue 03 December 2001

Orions find missing fishing boat 17 October 2001

RNZAF to rescue Prime Minister 14 September 2001

Orion joins missing fishing boat search 25 May 2001

Sub-hunters say PM out of her depth over claims  15 March 2001

Orion finds sneaky Aussie sub 14 March 2001

NZ Orions probe among icebergs for fish pirates 08 February 2001

Air Force bringing injured girls home 08 January 2001

Family safe as boat limps to port  17 April 2000

Orion helps rescue trio in liferaft 24 February 1999